A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Doodle is a 2D narrative experience in which its authors want to reflect on themes like anxiety or emotional dependence from their own perspective.

This game is still in development. This demo is a concept trial made in two months by two people, with colaborations for some assets and musics.


Saúl Parra Guitérrez:
Game Design and programming
Roberto Abad Jiménez:
Art and lead programming
Laura Rodríguez Pozos:
Additional art
Sebastián Fernández Garro de Oro:
Music and FX

Install instructions

Download the file and unrar it. Double click on the .exe to execute the game.

Check out our "How to solve frequent bugs" document if you think you are stuck because of a bug.


How to solve frequent bugs 175 kB
Doodle demo.rar 19 MB

Development log


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Looking forward to see where this goes. :) 

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